IIVR in FreePBX 2.3.1

Hello All, i will hope you will help me, We are a small company , we plan to implement IP PBX in our office , i downloaded the trixbox which come with Free PBX, we try to figure out all the features of Free PBX, but we face two problem , there is no Option of IVR and Digital receptionist in free pbx page , it has only “System recordings” , and we are also unable to login to WEB MEET me , we don’t know what is the username and password for login , we tried root, admin , and we create a extesnhion , but we unable to login in it.

The Version of trixbox is = v2.4.2
the version of Free PBX is = 2.3.1

So please help me :slight_smile: to figure this out.

You need to install the IVR module.

Hello sir, from where i can download the IVR Module?

I have the same question. I’ve been trying to find information about how to install/enable the IVR module. Could someone please explain how to do that?



Maartin I have downloaded the IVR , use the following steps,
Open Free PBX> click on Module Admin > Click Check For Updates, and here you find all the pacakges For Pree PBX, here you can select IVR, BAckup, Blacklist, etc…