If you're thinking of switching from Elastix, what do you NEED?

Elastix had a HUGE number of additional modules. Here’s what is in /var/www/html/modules on an Elastix 2.5 machine that I built over the weekend:

addons_availables  currency               extensions_batch   ivr                    sec_portknock_users
address_book       dashboard              faxclients         language               sec_ports
antispam           dest_distribution      faxlist            missed_calls           sec_rules
applet_admin       dhcp_by_mac            faxmaster          monitoring             sec_weak_keys
asterisk_cli       dhcp_clientlist        faxnew             myex_config            sendfax
asterisk_log       dhcp_server            faxqueue           network_parameters     shutdown
backup_restore     _elastixpanel          faxutils           packages               sphones
billing_rates      _elastixutils          faxviewer          pbxadmin               summary_by_extension
billing_report     email_accounts         festival           recordings             text_to_wav
billing_setup      email_domains          file_editor        registration           themes_system
calendar           email_list             graphic_report     remote_smtp            time_config
cdrreport          email_relay            grouplist          repositories           userlist
channelusage       email_stats            group_permission   sec_accessaudit        vacations
conference         email_template         hardware_detector  sec_advanced_settings  voicemail
control_panel      endpoint_configurator  instantmessaging   sec_portknock_if

As you can see, that’s a lot of extra stuff, most (I assume!) people don’t use. I don’t have the spare time to go through and do a security audit on ALL of them, so I’d love to see what people think is critical to their use of their phone system.

I’m not going to bother with things like endpoint, or instantmessaging, because they are - obviously - already built in to FreePBX, but if there’s something you loved in Elastix (or PIAF), then feel free to ask about it. If it’s GPL (or compatible), then there’s a chance we might be able to put it into the ‘Extended’ repository, for everyone to use.

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Billing would definitely be interesting to have :slight_smile:

We were looking forward to evaluating their multi tenant features.

I don’t believe that elastix had this either but a central control panel to view the status of all our deployed freepbx servers would be amazing.

Frank. This is already in the works. Been working on a product for a year on this and will have something out for phase 1 soon.

Thanks for the reply @tonyclewis. Which one are you referring to, multi tenant or monitoring?

DHCP setup via the GUI in freepbx

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@tonyclewis are you referring to PBXM3? I thought that was discontinued??

How exciting, please make it affordable!!! If other folks have customers like ours they are cheap and will be kicking and screaming about any monthlies. The worst will be for us to have some customers servers monitored and others that we can’t due to price.

Similar to M3 but it’s a hosted application. It will be monthly per system fee.