If you lack time to explore all the modules, which ones are best?

After getting FreePBX to cover the basics.

If you lack time to explore all the modules, which ones are best?

Which ones also seem to be the most useful considering the time and overhead to install them?

The Goal:

User feedback that is incredibly positive in your office where someone says, 'wow', and you can reply back FreePBX is awesome


My issue is time, plus avoiding adding modules that are difficult or rarely utilized by the majority in the first place.

Read your lst thread, the only advise you will likely find here is “Find time!!”

I suggest you change your approach a bit. Instead of enabling features for no reason other than they are there, it is better to identify needs and requirements of your user base and configure your system to suit. My small office is very well served by FreePBX, and we only use a fraction of the modules available. If you are having trouble adapting the system to your needs, specific focussed questions have a much better chance of yielding useful answers. Also the ‘time and overhead’ of installing modules in negligible. If necessary, make the time necessary to scan the “FreePBX Modules” section of the wiki here:
If nothing else get a sense of what each module does so you have a bit of knowledge to draw on when the need arises.

Notwithstanding the above, there are a number of 3rd party unofficial FreePBX modules you will not discover by reading the wiki or exploring the GUI. Again, posting focussed specific questions with regard to your requirements has a good chance of getting appropriate recommendations.

Is there a rating system for the modules out there?

Favorites or some such listing with rankings?

My user base wants only a few items. Specifically one is to dial an extension and have the name show up on the phone after the three digits are entered that perhaps you can answer.

My knowledge of FreePBX is limited.

Favorite modules listed would make it easier to discover them. Now that FreePBX is successful, newer digging into it has multiplied out the time. The asking is for a prioritized path in seeking the knowledge.

Amorphous comments seem right for those well immersed. But now it is a tsunami of modules with a grid of relationships to features and their names sought.

Where is a grid of modules and relationships?