If I change the hostname the UCP daemon will not start

If I change the hostname from localhost to something else, the UCP daemon will not start. There is an error in the MySQL database will have issues accessing the new hostname once is changed from localhost to something else. Is there a way to change this during the installation.


You shouldn’t be changing localhost. localhost should always be


I can’t have a system just called “localhost” when we have different FreePBX servers in different locations.

I believe if we just get a way to add the hostname to the installer or perhaps it is a way to change it in the MySQL server database.


In addition, I am getting this error when pressing the refresh button on the dashboard > see attached image. error-dashboard1

Is this error due to re-installation?

This is the second time installing the system, I selected the same IP address though, but I am leaving the default localhost.localdomain < name on the system for the moment.


Nevermind, I upgraded to the latest Dashboard module and solved the problem. But then the Restapps was not running and fixed as well restarting it manually >

fwconsole restart restapps


You are confusing hostname with /etc/hosts representation of what localhost resolves to. Again localhost should always resolve to This doesn’t mean anything in regards to your hostname.

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