Idiot proof mobile soft-client

I have FreePBX setup for a national talk radio and TV network. Our phone hybrid system for broadcast supports G722 so I’d like to hand out soft-clients to some of our regular phone guests for higher quality conversations. However… most of these people are not very tech savvy and I wouldn’t be able to walk them through installing the app and entering all our server and user credential information.

Any suggestions on an easy application they could install and use with little or no setup intervention?

I’ve tried Bria X but it doesn’t allow me to prefer the g722 codec over ulaw.

Grandstream Wave allows scanning a QR Code. Any other suggestions?

With soft clients the configuration is typically manual.


Your option, it would seem, it to send out instructions with pictures.

Even then, you’ll have people mess it up.

“Anyone that says they can create an idiot-proof system has underestimated the skill and cunning of the average idiot.”