Ideas on how to get callerID AND know its forwarded from my PBX

I have a small freepbx server set up in my house for my business. Using follow-me I also forward all calls to my cell phone as well for when I am not home. I can set caller ID up to flow through and arrive at my cell OR I can set the caller ID up to send me my business phone # to let me know the incoming call is coming from my business line. Any suggestions on how I can get the best of both worlds? That is, show me the caller’s number but also let me know the incoming call is being forwarded from my business line (so I can answer the call properly). I am trying to avoid purchasing a 2nd line from my cell phone provider (verizon).


Pass through the caller ID and enable Confirm Calls?

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You can install a soft phone on your cell phone and you will know when the calls are coming from your business pbx