Ideal Hardware

Looking to setup a very low use (2-3 simultaneous calls) situation. Aside from Raspberry PI, any suggestions for a small footprint hardware to run FreePBX instance?

You can’t beat the Pi’s price, but if price is not your only consideration, then a low end Intel NUC would fit the bill even with the newer UCP in FreePBX which apparently the Pi can’t keep up with, presumably the old adage that a P4 at 400Mhz will run FreePBX is also “out the window” also.

I am running FreePBX 2.11 on a Pi now. Seems to be fine. The issue is that I would like I am looking for intrusion detection which is in the System Admin module. But because I can’t install the Zend Guard Loader on a Pi, I can’t install the Admin module. Bummer.

I’ll take a look at those Intel NUCs. Thanks.

Most Pi FreePBI already include Failban (which is what FreePBX means when the refer to “intrusion detection” )

If size is more important than price, these small footprint Lenovo’s are a more powerful computer solution.
Lenovo IdeaCentre Q190, they also have complete i3, i5 & i7’s in about the same footprint but with a higher price point.