Idea for failing over to cell phones quickly

Was wondering if I could poke some brains for some ideas on a failover.

I have two PBX’s in different locations have have nightly backup that mirrors PBX A to PBX B each night at midnight. If our SIP provider cannot reach A, it fails over to B. However, I also need an easy way of getting the calls routed to cell phones in case there is no power (worst possible case) where PBX A and the phones are. This is for a call center environment who has ~50 queues and inbound routes.

Is there a quick and simple way of changing all of the inbound routes to go to a ring group? I thought of call control flow, but since each number has its on time conditions, the client essentially would have to dial 50 feature codes.

Any ideas?


What if you use Follow-Me (put cell # as the 2nd entry) and set the initial ring time to something like 30 seconds?