ICMP udp port 5060 unreachable

I have a FritzBox with a secondary openwrt router, where the freepbx (raspberry pi) is in the subnet of the router. The phones directly in the router subnet work fine.

Now I try to set up a trunk. In the FritzBox I created a pjsip LAN/WLAN device, that connects to a trunk in the freepbx node. I already opened all ports and created port forwardings in the router.

Still, when I get incoming calls on the FritzBox, nothing happens. In the Asterisk log, there are no entries at that time. In the tcpdump of the router, there are messages like

21:09:37.836896 IP > ICMP udp port 5063 unreachable, length 556

where is the IP of the FritzBox, is the IP of the freepbx node.

Is someone willing to assist me? I know similar problems have been discussed already, but did not give me hints.

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