ICE Host Candidates

Hi All,
We have a problem with FreePBX and Asterisk 16.17.0.
The server is behind a NAT, under Settings --> Asterisk SIP Settings we manually set the External Address and we specified 3 Local Networks.
We are able to make a call from an internal client (from an ip address in the ranges specified in “Local Network”) but we are unable to make a call from an external client (outside the firewall).
If we add an ICE Host Candidates with the public External Address we are able to make a call from an external client BUT we are unable to make a call from internal client.
Where am I doing wrong?

thank you

Note that when you change External Address or Local Networks, after Submit and Apply Config you must restart (not just reload) Asterisk.

What clients are you using? With normal IP phones, softphones and SIP apps, there is no need for STUN or ICE and they should be probably be disabled.

Please explain your three local networks. Is there any NAT between them? VPN?

If you still have trouble, with STUN and NAT turned off, paste the Asterisk log for a failing call from an external client at and post the link here. If you are too new to post links, just post the last eight hex characters. Before making the test call, at the Asterisk command prompt type
pjsip set logger on
sip set debug on
according to which driver you are using. If chan_sip, explain why.

i’ve restarted the service (core restart now) but nothing changed.
We use a WebRTC client with pjsip (for testing purpose we use the phone included in the UCP web panel). The SIP protocol is disabled.
The freepbx server is on network and we had set 3 local network:

  1. (local net)
  2. (routed vpn net)
  3. (routed vpn net)

We set the External Address in NAT settings but we dont set the Stun server and we dont set an ICE Host Candidates.

We use TWT provider for outgoing calls (outbound route).
We receive some calls from an Asterisk server (TVox).

I tried an outside call without setting ICE Host Candidate. I was on an external network and i used the UCP Phone and called an external phone number, the phone rings but no audio in both directions. I put the log on pastebin, these are the last eight hex characters: 3dee7dd5

thank you

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