IAX2 vs PJSip


I see many old posts comparing IAX to PJSIP, some talk about IAX2 no longer being supported etc.
If I have a PBX on cloud, and want it to communicate to an on prem pbx, I was thinking it would be via IAX2, but I see some strange issues here and there and I wanted to see if maybe I should not have taken the IAX route.

Does anyone have a best practice moving forward, and maybe a sample config?

What types of strange issues are you seeing?

One of the advantages of IAX2 vs PJSIP is that signaling and media travel over the same port - so essentially, if your “registration” succeeds, your media is going to work as well. Strong NAT and firewall penetration abilities. chan_iax2 is fairly old and very mature.

SIP can sometimes have issues with firewalls and NAT traversal due to signaling and media using different ports, but chan_pjsip is very actively maintained and receives a lot more active attention than chan_iax2.

Matthew Fredrickson


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