IAX2, used by 2 or more softphones


I started using FreePBX with hardphones on LAN. SIP, chansip: Easy. :slight_smile:
I moved few extensions to PJSIP to be able to use hardphone and softphone at the same time. OK. Simple. All devices are registered and ringing and can answer.

I now have users asking to use softphones on tablet and mobile from internet.
It looks simple and safer to use IAX and one single UDP port to pass through the NAT firewall.

Is it possible to use IAX2 on softphone (I did and it’s OK) but with the same extension on both the mobile and the tablet (similar to what PJSIP permits)?


I managed to get a working setup, probably not the smartest.

I created:
-a new IAX extension for each softphone,
-a ring group ringing all these IAX extensions (deleted and reused my old extension number for the ring group number).
I set the CID Num Alias value to the ring group number for each extension (my old extension appears as CID when I call from any device).

Your original request (two extensions with the same extension number under IAX2) doesn’t work. The approach you’ve taken above is the only way to simulate a shared line appearance in IAX2.

Thank you Dave.

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