IAX2 trunk, IVR dial from directory does not send CallerID Name Prefix

I have two FreePBX panels, A and B, with an IAX2 trunk between them. I have an IVR with dialing on PBX B, I created a directory - thanks to this, when I call the number connected to PBX B, I can call internal numbers in PBX A.

I used “CallerID Name Prefix” in the directory, but when dialing the extension number on the phone, only the caller’s number is shown, and I would like to have information that this is a call from PBX B.

How to make sure that the phone in PBX A displays information that the call is from PBX B and the number of the caller.
I will add that in queues calling from PBX B to PBX A, the “CID Name Prefix” is displayed correctly on phones connected to PBX A.

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