IAX2 Trunk Encryption

Ok, I think I am 90%+ there.

Note: the configuration or status is the same on both sides unless otherwise noted.

I am using RSA keys for authentication and the calls are coming through as authenticated so I’m sure that part works.

The peer shows the “(E)” next to the status in Asterisk Info for the IAX2 peers

The trunk configuration contains:

So here is my question, Calls stop flowing when I use the directive:
At the trunk level or higher does not matter, same effect.

So my question comes down to, are my calls getting encrypted and why does this directive cause them to fail, AND how can I tell.


This seems like more of an asterisk question than a freepbx question - you might get a better response posting to the asterisk user’s mailing list (http://lists.digium.com/mailman/listinfo/asterisk-users)

i’m in your same condition. Did you resolved this issue ??

Not yet, I made a little progress, because I was using RSA authentication I did not include a secret= directive but apparently that is required for IAX2 encryption. The poster before you suggested posting to the asterisk mailing list so
I did, if I get anything useful I will post back here.