IAX2 register 2 servers together

I have a freepbx server at our main office with 9 satellite freepbx servers a remote locations. The locations are connected via vpn. The IAX2 connection for internal calls works great with just the Outgoing settings filled in. I want to add registration between the main location and the satellites so that I can monitor if a site goes down with " asterisk -rx “iax2 show registry”".

Can someone explain to me how to use the register string to connect the main server to a satellite and vice versa?

Here is an example of the how we are set up
Main: username=wc
Satellite: username=au

I would recommend against it.

There are too many delays in using the “show registry” methodology. If you are really interested in watching the service, there are other methods that you should use.

I like “Nagios” (which should start the shouting of “OMG - NO!” from the rafters here in a sec) because you can automate and monitor the services instead of monitoring the execution of the services. You can also watch other parameters (like drive health) and consolidate all of your monitoring, reporting, and notification from a single server.

Remember, there are a thousand ways to skin this cat, so a little research on your part is warranted.

I like Nagios as well. I’ll talk half the yelling for you. :wink:

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