IAX2 Malformed Packets

Got a 2 PBX setup with IAX2 trunk between them. Just ran a packet capture to troubleshoot a dropped call issue and one of the things that shows up is a “IAX2 Malformed Packet”. Anyone else seen this? What does it mean? What types of issues would it cause if any?


What version of core are you running, there is a recently identified bug in IAX config that might explain this:

Do you have extra unneeded lines in /etc/asterisk/iax_registrations.conf? You can fix with a core roll back.

If you have core version and type=peer and type=user into configuration iax2 trunk, then you change settings to type=friend, then it works.

We’re on a really old version. Framework, Core

There are no configurations in iax_registrations.conf
iax_additional.conf is:

After checking with Digium on this, it seems that the message is an issue with how Wireshark interprets the IAX2 traffic.

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Thanks to all for the replies.