IAX Trunk with Swtichvox

I’m trying to configure a trunk from a FreePBX based system to a Digium Switchvox and I’m having a little trouble. Found several docs on how to do this but it all want’s me to modify the iax.conf file manually which is a no-no in FPBX.

Has anyone done this before and have any pointer on how to make it work? This seems like it should be relatively simple but this is eluding me.

No firewalls in the way. Nailed up connection between locations. Swtichvox is, Asterisk is

Works fine. Not sure what your issue is. You didn’t tell us what you did.

Anything you can put in iax.conf you can put in the FreePBX peer.

All you need is the HOST IP, Context (from-internal on FreePBX side) type=friend username and password.

You don’t need anything in incoming, that’s only if inbound is a different server.

Post your config. Should be pretty simple really.

Here’s the weird thing. I have a phone on my network (Free PBX Side) that is connected to the Switchvox server at And it works, so I know the two networks are at least talking. I have registration and audio, but when checking the peer status, each one says the other is UNREACHABLE. That to me speaks to routing or some other issue. I even went so far as to configure my system EXCACTLY like this http://kb.digium.com/articles/Configuration/Peering-Switchvox-and-Asterisk-using-IAX and I still get an UNREACHABLE. Sorry if I seem dense. This is what I get for suggesting that they actually BUY a swtichvox.

networks need a netmask defined, you don’t say how, if is not in the same subnet as the two networks need to be routed.