IAX Trunk Status Unknown

Good morning,
I am wondering why my IAX trunk status is UNKNOWN yet I am able make and receive calls.
Any thoughts?

Status is unknown because you don’t have qualify enabled for the peer. With qualify=yes, there is a SIP OPTIONS packet sent at regular intervals so the status can be continuously determined.

Thank you for the quick reply.
However, it looks like qualify is already set to yes.

Hm, maybe the Asterisk Info module doesn’t parse the status properly for IAX. What is the output of:

 asterisk -x "iax2 show peers"

Here’s what I get

You are going to need to browse to IAX Peers option from the menu on the right, that will give you the proper status.

Ok, thanks for your help.

Looking at the Asterisk Info Reports this morning, I see that the IAX trunk is now showing ONLINE.
Great news, even if its a mystery.

How odd. Did anything change in the Status column when you view IAX peers?

The ping time (?) is lower, otherwise all the same.

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