IAX Trunk between FreePBX and Cisco Box?

I know you can set up an IAX connection between two FreePBX boxes but can I setup an IAX connection between a FreePBX platform and a Cisco platform? Thanks!

I don’t think Cisco supports IAX2. It is kind of an asterisk thing

I had a feeling it was a bad question as I was typing it. Is there another way to tie the systems together using extension dialing?

Most people use sip… If you need to do something fancy with extensions you may want to make a custom context.

exten =>_98XX,1,Dial(${EXTEN}@yourcisco.ip)

Another stupid question - So I can use a sip trunk to connect to platforms for extension dialing?

It’s not a stupid question. A stupid question is “How long in the King Biscuit Flour Hour?” Trust me - I actually asked it once.

It sounds like you might need to read up on how Asterisk in particular, and PBX systems in general work. Trunks are long standing connections that allow incoming and outgoing communication from a server to a server. Most people use SIP for that (either Chan-SIP or PJ-SIP, depending on the options available and their comfort level). Some people use PSTN-style connections (PRI or T1).

From your question, it almost sounds like you want to make a call to a specific extension on a Cisco device. The specifics of the Cisco device will make it so that people can actually answer your question. James is completely right, though. You are either going to set up a trunk to send (for example) a range of connections to specific extensions OR you are going to send a single extension’s traffic, in which case there are several possible connection method available.