Iax to iax trunk + voicemail

I have the situation which is described at the link below

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As you can see I have 2 asterisk box with freepbx web GUI joined with a iax2 trunk and the extensions (100, 101, …) at the “nemo” asterisk server can dial to the extensions (200, 201, …) at the “trixbox” server and vice versa. Both the servers are managed by freepbx web GUI.

But with extension *98 (voicemail) from an extension of “nemo” box (i.e. 100) I can’t join to the voicemail box of an extension of trixbox box (i.e. 200) it says “login incorrect”.

This is the problem: how can I dial the voicemail from an extension 1XX to an extension 2XX? and vice-versa?

Thanks in advance!

As an example in BoxA

Create a new outbound route
Give it an appropiate name: vm-boxb
In the dial pattern: X|*98 (where X is a number you decide: ie 2|*98 )
Select the trunk to boxb

In box a box A extension dial X98 (ie 298 )

Comedian mail in boxb will answer
Give it the extensions vm you want to reach and password