I won't be around for a couple of days

(Edit: I’m back - And there’s some really cute photos of jade up)
As it’s my daughter’s 1st birthday this weekend, I probably won’t be around very much. So if you do have any failures with upgrading Asterisk (the post below) the best idea would be to post to the freePBX Forums or jump on IRC through the online support module (or, just join #freepbx on irc.freenode.net if you know how to drive an IRC client). Or, leave a comment. I’m easy.

Oh, and yes, that’s me on the motorcycle with jade. There’s a couple more of me around that date too. Both Tharyn and I are into Moto Trials, and that’s why in the background of that photo you can see the cattle pen shed with all the bikes in it. The furthest back bike you can see (you can only see the 'M" on the frame) is mine. It’s a 2004 Montesa Cota 315R that was originally owned by one of the Australian Trials champions, Kevin Zarczynski. EG, it goes really well, but it’s had the stuffing beaten out of it. It rides very well, and maybe, one day, I’ll actually be good enough to give it a bit of a challenge (Not for a while yet, I think!) I’ve still got to catch up with Tharyn, who’s a much better rider than I am. That’s my current challenge.