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I want to setup an email alert on an Incoming Number for all unanswered calls

(FAK) #1

Hi all,

I want to setup an email alert notifying all the unanswered calls on one of my incoming number.

Like if someone calls on number 1234567890 and it’s like unanswered or busy then send an email to a specific email address sending the complete call log.

(Dave Burgess) #2

How much of a complete log is a complete log? Figure out that part first - then figure out how to mail that to yourself in a script. Once you have that established, you should be able to set up custom destination that pops off a System() command.

(FAK) #3

I just want the information of caller id who called but this calls was missed.

I want to send the logs of these calls made on one of my DID as an email.

How can I write that script.

(Itzik) #4

There was a couple of posts recently how to execute something on hangup.
See also the post from Lorne hooking for fun and income.

To find the proper variables that you want to include in your email run the DumpChan command.

(FAK) #5

any example with the script and where to write it ?

(Itzik) #6

There’s examples there in these posts

(Lorne Gaetz) #7

You’re headed down a rabbit hole. Missed call notification (MCN) seems simple until you spend time actually thinking about it. It’s all edge cases:

  • Single inbound call to ring group with multiple extensions, one answers. Do you want MCN for all the others?
  • Queue call rings the same unattended extension over and over, do you want a separate MCN for each?
  • Call rings a local extension and a mobile using FMFM where it’s answered. You want a MCN for the extension call?
  • Call goes unanswered to an extension which then goes to vm. Do you want a MCN for the call or just the voicemail? What if they hang up at the vm prompt and don’t leave a message?
  • Your phone is set to DND so calls go to vm, what about MCN then?
  • A colleague calls from another extension, do you want MCNs for local calls? What if it’s a page?

This is what I come up with before any actual thought, I could go on.

(FAK) #8

Yes I want the followings:

MCN for an extension
MCN for Queue Calls
MCN for DND as well
MCN for local calls

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