I upgraded from Trixbox to FreePBX and can't call inbound


I upgraded from Trixbox to FreePBX and can’t call inbound.
I used the same settings as in my Trxbox.

What can it be?
The voice that is speaking, commes from the phone company im calling from.

pleas help me

Have you also created an inbound route for your phone number?


I have inbound routs.

Are both the Trixbox and FreePBX machines in the same place? Meaning, is the phone number routing to the correct IP address?

When I run FreepBX, Trixbox is’nt on

Hi again!

I decided to reinstall FreePBX, witch fixt most of the problems.
But I still have a few miner problems.
I have 6 numbers (Trukns) installd, all of them works allmost as they should.

When I call one of the numbers, witch is pointed to a IVR the line goes dead.
If i repoint it to a Queue everything works fine. The IVR is used by another inbound rout and works fine…