I think I am in trouble

Hello again.

So I recently had an established IP address of No connection problems what so ever. I had a bug issue where I’d drop calls every 30 second due to a static ip not being set.

I’ve made a reset to the system several times to obtain an ip address of my local Xfinity network. And now, it looks like when I reboot the machine, I see a 50/50 chance of FreePBX not being able to Obtain an IP Address when FreePBX is launched. When I had a connection with FreePBX I Could connect to it using SSH and the GUI just fine. When I go to the system modules. the Page times out. And now i’m unable to make an established ip address to connect to the Freepbx using the GUI. The last error in the console was “unable to write /etc/wanpipe/global.conf disable sangoma DIGIUM or Change Permissions to /etc/wanpipe/global.conf” witch I belive caused to drop connections.

when I did

#fwconsole chown

it re wrote the permissions. But then that was like it.

I have FreePBX installed on a eMachine Computer I found running through a Cisco 24 port unmanaged switch. and I’m on XFinity Comcast internet. Thanks Guys!!

192.168.x.x is not a real world IP address. Most likely, your box was receiving that address from a router. Did your hardware change?

No. I haven’t changed anything in the hardware. And I wanted it to be the because I wasn’t running the Pbx without the internet.

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