I reset factory defaults and now I can not get phone to dial out

OK So i am new to this…we lost our network admin person and while we look for a new one i need help!

I am figureing this all out on my own based on just having an IP address and password for tribox.

My problem: I have need to set up a new phone line. So took a phone (AAstra 9133i) we had from an old employee and brought it into my office to try and learn this system. I was doing pretty good…I figured out how to change the name on the extension; change the name on the screen etc.

things were going well until i followed a forum posting to get the phone to display the correct name on the screen. One of the early steps was to restore the factory defaults of the phone. Boy was this a mistake!

I can get the buttons reprogramed, and even get the time and date right, but for the life of me i can not get the phone to dial out–neither in system or out. The main difference i find in the settings (compared to another extension) is that the Global SIP settings are mostly blank. When i fill them out to match the other line the phone changes to no service with the red light on.

My question…is there an easy way to copy the settings from one phone to another…so i can just change the extension and user name?

Should i delete the extension and start over? if so what do i need to know about this? Remember i am very green at this and will need the baby steps version. Though i am fairly tech savvy.

Please help if you can!

Thank you,


fyi: on the aastra series phones you REALLY do not want to program anything if at all possible via the web gui on the phone OR via the phone display. Reason being is there is not a way to override that info with using properly built config files. The settings in the phone are the last items to be applied after loading the default config file and the specific config file.

(the buttons on the far right are the exception to that rule).

without knowing a lot more information about your setup it is hard to give good advice. But in general the phones should be loading via dhcp and pulling config files from the /tftpboot directory on the asterisk server. that is the default method. when it is done that way you have simple text files that can be edited and when you reboot the phone or power cycle it it loads them up properly.

You can get to the web GUI which is better then the phone interface by pointing a web browser at the phone’s IP. the factory default login is admin and 22222 for the password.

I have been to the GUI, this is where i have been messing with the settings.

Is there an easy place i can go to understand further what i need to do in order to load the phone via dhcp?

Or would you be willing to talk to me on the phone if i call you at a prescheduled time?


You also didn’t say which version of trixbox you are using but here are some links to documentation on setting up (and thus maintaining) a trixbox. with these you’ll understand the software, how to add and remove extensions, etc.