I need to setup https on Freepbx 14 on AWS ec2 platform


I have purchased the https certificate from AWS Certificate Manager.
I have setup the freepbx 14 on EC2 instance. now i want to setup https for my freepbx 14 instance.
My Certificate is issued by the AWS Certificate Authority and it’s approved now.

But I don’t know how to set it up for my server because it’s not giving me any files for https certificate to load on the server.

Can anyone guide me and help me in this. How can I setup https certificate using AWS certificate manager ?

What does the AWS documentation say to do?

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I have gone through this but I was not able to export any certificate from AWS certificate manager.

OK well since you said purchase I’m guessing this is a public certificate in which case:

Public Certificates

Use the wizard to request an SSL/TLS certificate by choosing Request a public certificate and entering the name of your site. You can also request a certificate using the AWS CLI or API.

After successful validation of your ownership or control of the domain names in your certificate request, the SSL/TLS certificate is issued. You can deploy this certificate for use with Elastic Load Balancers, Amazon CloudFront distributions, or APIs on Amazon API Gateway. You simply select the SSL/TLS certificate you want from a drop-down list in the AWS Management Console. Alternatively, you can execute a CLI command or call an AWS API to associate the certificate with an AWS resource. AWS Certificate Manager then deploys the certificate to the resource you selected.

For more information about creating and using certificates provided by AWS Certificate Manager, visit the AWS Certificate Manager FAQs page or see Getting Started in the AWS Certificate Manager User Guide.

Based on everything I’ve seen so far in their docs, you can only export private certificates but that you also need to pay for the private CA service. Public certs are for AWS services or if you want them on your EC2 instance you have to use the API functions in the manager to push them.

If you are having a real issue with this then the AWS forums/support is where you need to go for help.

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