I need to Setup a VPN server to my AWS freepbx 13 and connect to via vpn to another freepbx 13 distro

Hi all,

I need to Setup a VPN Server to my AWS freepbx 13 host and Connect to another Freepbx 13 distro via vpn client.

What should I do to connect the other pbx server with AWS server.

I need to make vpn tunneling.

is there anyone who can help me with this.

Hello - I would just set up a trunk between the two if you are trying to pass calls back and forth as the VPN does require bandwidth overhead however if you really want to set up a VPN between two systems, you can give OpenVPN a shot and establish a VPN Connection between the two systems:

I believe freePBX now has VPN settings and features built-in and that may work for you as well:

I hope this helps