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I need an phone app that is a scaled down iax voip phone that make calls only one number. What I visualize is an app that starts with single button (CONNECT) and when pressed it will connect to my asterisk server. Once connected, the app will display a telephone keypad where the user will need to enter their passcode. After passcode is entered, they can press button 1 to 8 the hear selection under each button

How would you do this?


This is all going to be custom. There’s nothing out there that would do something like this and if there was, I doubt it would be IAX based. IAX is pretty much dead and only Asterisk and one or two other platforms do it. So it’s not really a market to drive development in.

But you’re going to need a mobile app developer and if they have Asterisk experience that would be a bonus because you’ll need someone to deal with the Asterisk side.

All in all this wouldn’t be something FreePBX is designed and depending on what is actually needed, since this is a broad scope, might not even be a consideration.

So how serious is this because the budget for it is going to be.

What you have described (so far) could be more easily done with a website that offers a choice of audio streams to a logged in user. No app needed.

If two way communication is involved, consider WebRTC.

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So I’m in the discovery stage now. My customer is serious about the project,
But I’m unsure still as to best approach.

First, I thought using asterisk AMI. This seemed simple and I would only need to open 1 port.
SIP was second choice, just make a SIP URI call. But that would open other problem.
Alternatively, use OpenSIP so I don’t have to manage the firewall.
Forth, method was using IAX, one port fairly easy.

OK, I’ve kind of looked at WebRTC but don’t fully understand it . I’d love to see a demo


Interesting… So cellphone user could use his browser to land on WebRTC page and play the messages in his phone?


What are you trying to solve exactly. Is this two-way communication, or just listening to voicemails or?

The primarily purpose is to allow paid customers to listen to messages recorded on the asterisk server after entering there passcode. There are 8 choices that are updated daily. There is an option that allow caller to transfer his call to the owners office in the asterisk dialplan.

The main reason is the allow subscribers out side USA to get there updates without making an expensive phone calls to the system

If I was designing it, I wouldn’t use SIP or IAX2 for this. Many countries disallow SIP and IAX2 traffic from their country to others because they don’t want to allow “cheap” phone calls and want to be able to keep track of who’s calling whom.

If you make it web-based, you could easily do something like this in a fashion similar to the way voice mail gets played back, but through a web interface. Go to the website, click the audio link, and listen. The website could easily be connected to the phone server (or on the phone server) or it could be an “external” filestore for the messages that are being transmitted. Have the phone server send the files to a managed database and just pop in through the web. From there, the only tricky nits are the security and the passcoding.

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