I need help with setting up fax pro

i have followed the wiki to setting up fax withing free pbx and i keep getting this error when sending a fax ( Unknown error (Originate failed) ) I have no idea what to do or what to look for, for an answer

Does incoming work? And is your PBX up to date?

PBX is up to date and i am unsure if incoming is working i was going to use hps fax test number to send s fax and get one back

I have just sent a test fax to myself.

There’s some free fax services online, you can use that to test

I still have not received a fax using. faxzero .com ill be %100 honest I can work my way around free PBX but faxing I know notta

Do you know if your DIDs are Fax compatible? (Does your carrier allow faxing?)

How did you configure incoming fax?

i have a few the one i have access to at the moment s from voip.ms

Can you post screenshots of your config?

here you go sorry about the black and white it’s a remote session

i am getting incoming fax

so i am able to receive incoming fax without an issue but the outgoing constantly fails

Can you post a log?

You should be able to see in CDR the failed fax


I got it working! so i made a few test extensions for faxing and the one i was trying to use didn’t have an email address to in in user management. I also had t-38 gateway off under outbound routes Turned it on and now i can send outgoing faxes!

Thank you pitzkey for being so responsive

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