I need help on IVR setup

Hello Dears

I ama newbie to asterisk as well as in this freePBX and I want to design IVR such a way if someone calls to an extention, then first it should knock the IVR which will tell the caller to press 2XX for one place, or 1xx for another place…

can you anyone give me the solution… step by step…

I will be glad for your discussion… :slight_smile: plz


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First, use System Recordings to record an IVR announcement.
Then, use Digital Receptionist to create the IVR.

I think the steps outlined therein are rather straight forward.

[quote=“kgtee”]First, use System Recordings to record an IVR announcement.
Then, use Digital Receptionist to create the IVR.

I think the steps outlined therein are rather straight forward.[/quote]

yes i did even Inbound Section i have selected IVR as Set Destination

but no luck…

can you give me an idea :slight_smile:

no luck as in??

Firstly you must have a catch-all inbound route, that means a route with DID/CID all blank. This route points to your IVR.

If you are using zaptel hardware to receive POTS calls, then make sure each zap channel has its own inbound route, and set all these routes point to your IVR.

Use 7777 to test your IVR.

hello kgtee thanks, for help,

Yes, i am hearing the recorded messege that i have selected pressing 7777. but the problem is that no inbound call directly hits the IVR first.

I want the dial plan such that if any onyone calls to someone whatever that would be incoming, outgoing, internal extension whatever!!!.. first, they have to hit in IVR first that will guide the caller to reach his destination…

such as i have first four internal soft phone extension like 104,102,103,99

now if i like to call from 104 to 102, it should connect to IVR first and then recorded music that i have already selected in IVR.

according to your suggestion, DID and CID are blanked though I did that earlier. :wink:

actually i don’t know why it is not working…

i am giving the images of the configuration…


Inbound route

but i have not gotten any update yet!!!

Extens are not going to go to an IVR…

extens are not INBOUND calls …they are internal

Why would you wish a exten to go to a IVR???

thanks bubba for your reply…
Me also knew so… but some says that it is posssible in trixbox… so i am trying… is this possible or not???

To treat extens as inbound calls???

I am sure that you could 9with asterisk just about anything you want can be done…maybe change the context.

Maybe it would be better if you laid out what it is you are hoping to do with this…

Maybe some one out there has a better way to do this…

are you wanting exten to be able to call each other?

What about outbound calling?

hi bubba… as I have told that i am newbie in asterisk and want to design an asterisk based PBX system…

I have just installed trixbox, then have made some extension on my subnet…
they are working well in voice calling… but i want to test IVR in this subnet… in such way that even if one extension call to other … they should also go through Inbound routing… so that every extension faces the IVR first [have a sound of welcome messege] and then can able to reach his destination…

I haven’t yet configure outboud routing yet!!.. for informing you :slight_smile:

so, therefore I wish your help to configue this…


Your extensions are bad choices. Firstly your IVR loops back to itself when it senses first key “1” pressed. This way you will never hit 102, 103, 104. Also 99 is likely to overlap with your local PSTN numbers. Try using 202, 203, 204, 299 instead.

On your rather strange requirement to hit IVR first before getting on to the extensions, even for internal users; that can be done…just ask everybody to dial 7777, listen to the IVR and then dial the extension number.

thanks a lot Kgtee,

let me try tomorrow… but isn’t there any automatic option???
I hope this time it will work…


hello sultan

did you make the IVR successfully?
tell me how did you do that?

I want to make an IVR demo locally without any inbound and outbound route
I am newbie and I am confused how to do that
is it possible to make IVR demo extion to extion?
I am using 3 sip phones using PBX server IP and connected with 3 sip extensions
tell me what to do to create a demo for IVR system?

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