I need a quote for custom development: modification to a paid module

I’ve been trying to get a quote from the freepbx sales team since august 2018. I have been unsuccessful.
I have also tried using the ticketing system on August 20, 2018
Ticket ID: 824856
didnt get a response either. The most I got from sales was
“Sorry, no update at this time. You may wish to consider another option for this requirement.”

How can I get somebody at freepbx to give me a quote for a feature to be added so that Queue Callback can use the number inserted through webcallback without having to first initiate a call for dtmf confirmation? (read the ticket for more details)

please let me know.
thank you.

Nope. Commercial modules are encoded with ZendGuard, therefore the code is not public and no one outside of Sangoma knows what that code looks like. No one will be able to come in and customize your commercial modules because there’s no way to do that.

Someone could probably achieve what you’re looking for just not with modifying commercial modules.

Also, there is no quote for this kind of thing from Sangoma. They are either going to include it as a feature request down the road or not at all.

You misunderstand Tom, I actually posted here to try to get a quote from someone at sangoma. My ticket has been open, waiting for a quote since last August. I just need proof to show my boss that its not me not doing my work, its that you guys haven’t done yours.
If you dont do this as part of custom work it would have been as easy as closing the ticket with that exact message instead of leaving an open “in progress” ticket with no answer.
Thank you.

It’s not my job to do. I don’t work for Sangoma, however, they just don’t quote out work to be done on commercial modules. The only program I know when they will engineer modules or the distro for your needs it is OEM/Distro partner program where you get your own Distro release with your modifications that you require.

Outside of that, getting new features into commercial modules require a feature request opened against said module and then it is up to Sangoma to decide if that feature request has merit to be added into the module.

I was first told to contact sales to request custom work, then I was told to open a ticket. I just followed instructions.

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