I have freepbx 12 with asterisk 13, centos 7 and mariadb , I want to uninstall the mariadb and install mysql server

hi all,

I have freepbx 12 installed with asterisk 13 and centos 7 and database server is mariadb but i want to uninstall the mariadb server and install the mysql server.
I have concern If I do that my freepbx database will crash or my tables will crash.

please guide me with proper steps I am really very thankful to you.

Why do you want to replace Maria with MySQL.

I am not known to mariadb and also I am having issue in enabling CDRs on mariadb.

I enabled cdr-csv but I am unable to view cdrs in cdr reporting also in Database I am unable to view cdrs and cel.

Is anyone who can help me with this.

Literally there is no difference between MariaDB and MySql. There might be a problem somewhere else and most probably moving back to MySql will not solve your issue too.

thanks Msh.
I can see there is no module res_mysql.so

is there any way without recompiling the asterisk we can add this module via asterisk addons.


because asterisk uses res_odbc


as stated above mysql vs mariadb is not the problem they are the same.