I forgot my GUI login

I followed numerous steps all around the web, but non of them seemed to yield a result in finding and repairing or changing my log in credentials. I have root access. How can i reset or change my password and username? They both are not working now. I have tried editing various files via ssh. and cannot seem to make it work, i believe i have a later version of freepbx. Can anyone help or am i dead in the water? Some clear instructions on password reset,repair, and username settings would be helpful. Again i have followed many password reset and username account settings on these forums looking and trying each one cautiously. But now im out of time and at my wits end. I am lost, i thank you for your help in advance. thank you.


Halfway down the page.

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This work for me like a charm!!!

We are taking over a new customer that has a recent installation and they never get the password from the company that setup the system.

this site help us to reset it.

Thanks again

No problem.