I don't understand what these errors are. How can you help me?

I don’t understand what these errors are. How can you help me?

What doesnt’ work?

It looks like something is missing like app_missed_call

you can do a dialplan show func-apply-sipheaders see what is in the context.

try rebuilding configs

the more information the better chance someone will suggest something. Like version, are modules up2date etc.

When calling customers, the customer’s voice is cut off and there are breaks in the sound. I can’t solve it.

I doubt the messages in the console are related.

But please add information are the phones on the same network or different? Is NAT in play? Do calls last 30 Seconds (default rtp timeout)

There are lots of possibilities? Do the calls have issues extension to extension? or just external call.

This really sounds like a crappy internet connection that’s suffering from high latency and packet loss. You’ll want to check the health of your internet connection between the PBX, your SIP provider (if one is used) and the connections where you’r extensions/endpoints live.

Any one of those could be causing the symptoms you are describing.

if you do a pjsip show channelstats it will show calls in flight. do you have los of jitter or packet loss?

The phones are in our other office. An eoip tunnel has been built between us and the other office. Brigde has not been done. They use their own internet. These calls do not generate internal breaks. Occurs during calls to mobile numbers. Calls to mobile numbers are made through Yeastar GSM.

I’ve never used eoip tunnels, but your the issue isn’t there. Its traffic to mobile phones only or is it mobile and land line numbers?
Cell phones used to use GSM but in today its different. have you looked at channel stats?

Have you opened a ticket with the carrier your using as well to ask them what they see?

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