I cant call out

Hello friends, I have setup poivy for my freepbx server as outgoing calls. It has been registered and its online but I cant use to call. Here is the details:

Trunk Name? Poivy
Outbound CallerID?:
CID Options?:
Maximum Channels?:
Disable Trunk?: Disable
Monitor Trunk Failures?: Enable
Dialed Number Manipulation Rules?

() + |

Dial Rules Wizards?:
Outbound Dial Prefix?:
Outgoing Settings

Trunk Name?: Poivy
PEER Details?:
;force keep-alives with qualif=yes

Incoming Settings

USER Context?:
USER Details?:


Register String?:
username:[email protected]/username

That is all!!!

Did you create an outbound round that uses that trunk?

yes I did, but if I call is said, your call connot be completed as you dail,so check the number and dial again

this is what i setup outbound call

Route Settings

Route Name?: poivy
Route CID:? Override Extension?
Route Password:?
Route Type:? Emergency Intra-Company
Music On Hold??
Time Group:?
Route Position?
Additional Settings

PIN Set?:
Dial Patterns that will use this Route?

( ) + | [ / ]

Dial patterns wizards?:
Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes?

0: poivy

You don’t have any dial patterns.

then can you please show me how to do that? Because I tried many ways but its not work.

I can’t show you how to do it. I don’t know what your carrier expects and what your country expects.

It is simple, if you match whatever is in the match field the digits are passed to the trunk. If it matches you can add digits (prepend) or strip them (prefix).

Ok but just give me an example that, I am in Belgium and I want to use to call international call, how to do that?

I am in US, don’t know Belgium dialing patterns.

It’s simle

Digits match digits IE: 9 matches 9
X = any digit 9-0
N = any digit 9-2

So if you put 9XXXX in the match field every number starting with a 9 and four more digits will be matched.

Use the period . to match the rest of the numbers.

At it’s simplest put 9 in the prefix field and a period in the match and it will let you dial 9 and any number you want.

Watch the log so you can see what is going out (tail -f /var/log/asterisk/full)

Have you read the docs?


Well, I put 9 in the prefix but I still hear, your call con not be completed as you dial,so check the number and dial again.

I was using freepbx and it was ok but Freepbx Destro is very difficult.
this is belgium number: 003238084003. please set an example with this number or 00498945453678. thanks


You didn’t post any log, did you read the documentation?

So you want to dial 9 + 14 digits:

So put 9 in the prefix and XXXXXXXXXXXXXX in the match field.

Oh thanks alot that you help me to do it. Now I am understand it.its works fine.