I cant access to Frepbx GUI!


I installed Frepbx to Virtualbox. Everytinngs are correct but when ı try access to freepbx ip adress like on my firefox or chrome browser. İt dosen’t go any url,adress or etc. What’s wrong? please help me.


Could be a billion different reasons, but without anything from you we could be guessing all day.
You have not included any information about what you did, or any information about your setup
Not anything useful to help us help you…

It is like saying “I put gasoline in my car, but it won’t run. Why?”

However my first guess it, did you set the firewall to accept connections to port 80?

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Thanks GeekBoy ı understand :slight_smile: I check out my port settings but it looks ok.

Please tell me Which ip should write to getaway ip in installation.

Here is my ips. imgur.com/PUJw8WM.jpg

I mean geteway. the second option in picture.envercolakoglu.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/3.png

I stated firewall settings, not port.

You need to access it via the IP address stated in the IPv4 setting.s

Best way to check if you are reaching the server is to check out /var/log/httpd/access_log, but that depends on which distro you are using which you have not even stated