I cannot call from any extension to extension

Hello it seems after upgrading to Astrerisk Ver. 1.4.44 and FreePBX Framework
I cannot call from any extension to extension. If I call a ring group that has extensions in it they ring and incoming trunks will ring the extensions.
I know you will need logs. If you could tell me witch ones you need I will invader to retrieve them.
Thank you for your time

FreePBX 2.10 does not support Asterisk 1.4 You need to upgrade to Asterisk 1.8

Thank you so much


we moved to freepbx 2.1 and now have internal call issues otherwise everything is working ok. i understand the solution is to now upgrade from 1.4 to 1.8 (asterisk). is there anyone out there who has done this on a live system and can guide us please.


Martin - You need to supply more information, also do not hijack other posts. Start your own thread.

Make sure it includes exact versions, OS type and how you installed.