I am confused why sometimes my FreePBX system chooses a different Trunk

Hi guys,

In Outbound routes → Edit route → Route Settings. You can see “Trunk sequence for matched routes”.

Now I have two different trunk providers, one for UK and one for Ireland/rest of world.

I have a match pattern for 0818 numbers. When I dial an 0818 number, it goes to my ROI outbound route. In this I have Ireland trunk listed as #1 and UK as #2. But for some reason it uses the UK trunk. If I dial an irish mobile number e.g. 089 number, then it will use the Ireland trunk.

0818 numbers are Irish and so are 089. What I am wondering is, why does it use the UK trunk, when it is listed as second in the sequence of trunks? Is it because it failed to use the first Ireland trunk? Why does it not happen with 089 or 087 numbers. Thanks

Edit: I am getting a little bit closer to the answer, when I disabled the UK trunk, and tried to dial 0818 number, it gives me the ‘all circuits are busy now’ message from FreePBX. So something is wrong with that Ireland trunk and 0818 numbers.

You answered your question.


If you want to take apart the call and see reason codes:

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