I’ve done some looking around and while I see lots of requests and half finished examples, I’ve not found a decent set of help for installing hylafax with FreePBX.

I find this: http://www.the-asterisk-book.com/unstable/faxserver-mit-iaxmodem-und-hylafax.html
to be one of the better ones, I’ve followed the instructions and got as far as being able to use the sendfax command and send a fax to a fax machine, it didnt arrive but it did ring with fax tones, its a start.

Anyway, to do that I had to hack in lots of code into the _custom.conf files and I’d much rather do it directly in FreePBX. I’m working on it, but if anyone has done this already, or if the team are working on a Module (which would be great) then let me know as I may be covering ground that’s already well trodden.

Inbound and outbound faxing is a very nice function to offer. Each member of staff can have both their own DDi for inbound calls, but also their own virtual fax machine, and outbound faxing over the PRI is great for sending bulk faxes to the customers overnight. We just need to get it to work!