Hylafax and Avantfax

Hi Everyone,

Just looking to get some clarity on if there is a problem with adding Hylafax and Avantfax with iaxmodem to the FreePBX bistro 6.12.65.


Why would you want to do that?

fax to email is just not an option for this solution. Currently have avantfax and need to continue with the same interface.

FaxPRO allows you to retrieve it through a web interface. Just saying.

You can install whatever you want. It’s open source. Do we support it? Not in any way.

ok, guess I have to review faxPRO

The only issue I have with Hylafax and Avantfax is that they are not the officially supported way to get and send faxes in FreePBX. Sure you can get them to work but because they aren’t supported you will be wasting your time. So it’s up to you to decide how much your time is worth compared to the cost of Fax Pro.

Open source allows you to do wonderful things.

true. I watched the video and looks like you have a decently make module. I would like to know if I can have a general location that all faxes come to and then they can be distributed as necessary. So, can the pdf from the incoming fax be copied and mailed? I also need to know if it will work well with SIP trunks that my ISP supports t.38. Needs to be very reliable as they depend on fax still. About 6000 pages a week. Then want to be sure there is a way to use a grand stream h502 connected to physical fax machines for outbound faxing.