HW move


I have a server with FreePBX distro that I need to move to a new hardware

How do I do it and keep all data intact?




The reason nobody asked is because it’s near impossible to answer your question without sarcasm.

Have you spent any time with the documentation?

If not, OK, how about look around the program? Did you see the backup and restore module? Did you try to run a backup and restore to your new machine?

Since these simple things escaped you I will tell you the most important part from the documentation on backup and restore. Both machines must be the same distro revision.

If you did any unofficial updates via yum or install and RPM, you will have to accommodate that.


When I use same Distro ver - its OK.
I saw remote restore option. But It seems to be an old post:

I couldn’t find more recent post regarding this or a how to

Can you please assist?

Just copy the backup file to another storage device then restore to the new machine.