Hunting ring groups / ring group in ring group

Hello, I want 4 extensions to ring when someone calls in. When nobody picks up after 15 seconds, 2 other extensions have to ring too (like a memory hunt). I thought I could do this using ring groups in a ring group, but that doesn’t work. It seems like that’s not allowed.
Another solution could be this: 1 group with 4 extension, 1 group with all 6 extensions. First call group 1 for 15 seconds, then call group 2 for 60 second. Only problem with this is that after the first time-out, the 4 extensions have a missed call and the delay between the 2 groups are long.
Does anybody have a solution for this?

I’m using FreePBX 2.11, Asterisk 11.3

You can call a ring group from within a ring group, but you have to suffix ALL non extension numbers with a #. This is stated in the mouse over help, but it sounds like it only applies to external numbers. Be prepared for a messy CDR.

Great!! That works! But now… I discovered that even when I do a memoryhunt, there’s still a hangup and a new call between the nr 1 and 2. So, the first 4 phones ring all together in a group, after 15 seconds another group with 2 other phones also start to ring, but the first group stops for a moment and start ringing again together with the second group. In this case I still have a missed call and there’s a problem when you want to pick up the phone just after this 15 seconds (cause is breaks the line for 1 or 2 seconds).
Any ideas for this?

Another thing: I want the first group to ring 15 seconds, but then, when the other group joins, I want them all together to ring for about 1 minute. But now is stops after 2x 15 seconds because that’s twice the ring time I gave in…

The missed call is normal for most phones because a call was sent to the phone and not answered. I have used mostly Polycom end points in the past and just disable the missed call indicator on the phone.

I think newer versions of Asterisk and phones with the right firmware to know that the call was answered by a different endpoint and not show a missed call.

Ok, lets forget the missed call. That’s not the most important thing. The thing is that with the memoryhunt when after 15 seconds he goes from the first extension (group in my case) to the second extension, he stops calling the first extension and starts calling again to the first+second extension. So that are 2 different calls. So when somebody wants to pick up the phone at 9-10 seconds, he has to wait until the phone starts ringing again. Really annoying.

addition: the ‘allringv2’ version of the FollowMe feature does what I need (in the case of the only 2 groups), but you can’t set a FollowMe on a group. So it seems like I need a ‘memoryhuntv2’ in my groups :wink:

I don’t think there will be a solution to this issue. I do not think there is a way to have the Asterisk dial () command add additional endpoints after the initial call.

I looked up the dial () command and there does appear to be a way to add a delay to a channel. Take a look at voip-info dot org at example 3 partially delayed. You would have to write the dial plan yourself.

That is interesting; I’ve always hated the double or triple call thing with follow-me hunting. See also here: (I treat anything I see on as history from 2007, most of the articles are very messy and outdated!)

I think I’ll see if I can figure out how to get ring groups to behave like this…