Hunt group or Same Extension with multiple appearances

Trying to decided which is better. We are using a special VoIP system for a radio talk show. For those interested: (
On page 89 and 90 of this manual they describe using FreePBX to setup lines to it. When I first configured this I setup 24 lines in a hunt group and our TollFree number to ring into that hunt group. The vendor is recommending creating one extension that’s the DID points to and register that extension 24 times on their system.

  1. So my first question, can chan_sip extensions be registered multiple times?
  2. If a call comes into the extension would it ringing ALL the appearances at the same time?
  3. Which would be better standard practice, one extension with multiple appearances or individual extensions in a hunt group?

Really want to minimize processing usage and remove any complication if at all possible. This needs to be a reliable setup.

Chan SIP won’t do that - Chan PJSIP will - That’s a weird setup though.

We help a national program here in Albuquerque, and they are using Telos but they are still using Analog Handoff’s from the Asterisk to the switchboard.

If the Telos is expecting ringing on all the lines at once then fine - my guess is that would show ALL the lines lit up at the same time, and until you answered and secured the caller, you would not see any other callers.

PM me is you need more info - but I would talk to them.

Either way, the processing overhead on the PBX is minimal - making any combination of things ring is not CPU intensive.

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If this is for inbound calling, I’d be inclined to set up a single queue (or ring group) so that the calls ended up on the queue. I assume this is for something like a “dial in to win” where you are going to have a lot of calls lined up.

The problem (as I see it) is that having a single number on all of your phones means that, as soon as that number is busy, all of the calls will drop to voice mail. I think that’s probably the opposite of what you’re hoping for.

Go ahead and PM Greg - his experience with Telos can only help you.

Thanks, that was kind of my guess but appreciate the input from another source. I’ll leave them as ring groups for now. We had a VX crash during a national talk show this morning and trying to eliminate all possible oddities.

Yeah, the show we help here has had several crashes on their board - It’s a nice combination of Hardware and Software when it is working - and I would think a SIP handoff would work MUCH better than a POTS handoff, but losing your callers (or even worse, your guests) during a show is maddening.