Hunt group in Queue not working

I am trying to setup a hunt group in a queue. I setup the ring strategy as random. It needs to hit 3 extensions. For example, 1000,1001 and 1002, then if no answer to to an extension voicemail. For some reason it only rings the first phone, then goes to voicemail. How should the timeouts and settings be for this?

Whats the ring strategy you have? set it to Ringall

I don’t want it to ring all of them at once, I want it to work like a hunt group

Thanks but I’m not sure what I have configured wrong. I have already read that

Can you post screenshots? General Settings - Queue Agents - Timing & Agent Options.

I know these aren’t the defaults. I have 3 phones in the queue. It needs to ring one phone for a few rings, go to the next phone for a few rings, then the last one for a few rings, then voicemail. The ring group works perfect but I can’t seem to get the queue to do this

You have agent timeout set to unlimited… that’s never going to timeout the agent and try the next one.

If you have a 15 seconds max wait time try setting agent timeout to 5 seconds…

I did it at 5 with same issue

That’s way to fast… lol. Did you reload config?

yes lol. What is the best config to make this a hunt group?

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