Huawei B315 - RJ11 PSTN Connection not working with Free PBX

Just setup my PBX server, with TDM410P PSTN Card (2 - Fxo’s & 2 - Fxs’s)
every thing works fine when the setup connected to land phone line.

But when i connected the telephone line (RJ11 Line) got from Huawei B315 4G Router to Fxo port it doesn’t work. How to troubleshoot this?

(Are there any additional configurations for telephone lines connected via 4G routers?)

Do you get dial tone and can you make and receive calls when connecting a regular analog phone to the Huawei 4G router? I’d start there to rule that out first.

Hi thanks for the reply, Yes got dial tones & i can make & receive calls when normal analog phone directly connect to the huawei b315 router.

There is a possibility that the ring voltage from the huawei is not enough to trigger the FXO , maybe you can adjust that in their software 48 volts is common idle for an FXO but ring is traditionally 90V , if your huawei generates the cheap but inadequate 48v 30Hz ring and your FXO is expecting traditional line side 90v 30Hz then confusion is likely.

Hi dicko, thanks for the reply. Can we adjust the fxo trigger voltage from freepbx side?

No, Freepbx has no handle on dahdi, you will have to do that within either your dahdi config or in your Huawei setup ,

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Hi Dicko, No way to do this in Huawei B315 router, Can you kindly guide me how to do this from dahdi

PSTN Card details:
Model: TDM410P-22
Type: Asterisk Card
Brand Name : RobyTechSys
Driver:Dahdi zaptel

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