Https for freepbx

hi all,

I want to setup https for my freepbx server. please guide me on this

Hi @faisalkhan

Generate or upload the SSL certificate to the FreePBX using the certificate management module.

After that use that certificate in apache for https.

I have setup the lets encrypt certificate for my server but it says now Insecure and after check the certificate it says invalid certificate but it also shows Issued to, Issued by and valid to.

I still don’t get the green lock https.

Then go back and read the instructions again. You missed at least one step.

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no luck again same issue.

it still says not secure.

I have a WildCard-SSL.pfx file how can I use this file to setup the https.

Which conversion or format I required?

textual, so pem

I am able to setup Let’s encrypt from webmin.

Https now done but not with my .pfx file.

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