Https auto provisioning credential issue

Hi all, In Sangoma ip phones the provisioning protocol are set to HTTPS, and I configed redirection service for phone, but something went wrong. I think it depends on username and password that is used in config URL. These are by default my portal account user and pass. How can I set special user and password (Phone Provisioning Username and Password) for my phones in freePBX web GUI?
During activation HTTPS protocol for my EPM global settings, I used default self signed certification for test and I don’t know is this correct?

Thanks in advanced

Every time that I reboot IP phone, I can see that poll count increments and it seems that phone can send recdirection request to portal.

System Admin > Provisioning Protocols

Thanks @kierknoby for your Answer. My “System Admin” haven’t any “Provisioning Protocols” option.
Is it commercial module?

No it should be there, try updating the module.

provisioning protocols is a paid feature only

if you dont’ have that feature, you should not have any apache credentials for http(s) provisioning. You can test with a browser with url:


You should see a text file, not be challenged for credentials

Thank you @lgaetz, but for Sangoma IpPhones too? Without it nobody can perform provioing as zero touch, because Phone have default setting for HTTPS provisioning and it needs credentials.

I’ve not to say!
Thank you @kierknoby

How strange, we have several deployments half-built and not in production for which I haven’t yet bought SysAdmin Pro and it’s there on all of them. I’m using 14. I hadn’t noticed before as we always buy it. Hopefully @lgaetz can explain!

Some versions of System Admin show the Provisioning Protocols menu, even on the free version. The current version of System Admin fixes this bug.


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