HTTP Provisioning Problem

I’m running FreePBX with Asterisk and am having an issue trying to get my Digium A20 phone to provision using option 66. I can see the phone trying to grab the .cfg file when looking at httpd/access_log, but it gives me a 404.

I’m confused on how this works. The server shows HTTP Provisioning default port is 83. I also have port 8088 bound in the mini-http server settings within FreePBX. I can use a web browser to access the .cfg files by navigating to “http:// serverIP:8088/phoneprov/file.cfg” but when I try to use “http:// serverIP:8088/phoneprov/” as my option 66 address I don’t see the phone accessing the server at all.

If I switch the address to http:// serverIP:83/phoneprov/ then I can see it accessing the server, but again it gives me a 404 error. I’m also not able to access the .cfg file via web browser using “http:// serverIP:83/phoneprov/file.cfg”.

Any chance anyone can help straighten this out and help me understand what I’m doing wrong?


First of all, are you sure it’s port 83? the default is 84.

Never tried digium phones, but most common way is http://serverip:83 (If you are using epm)

Looking under System Admin > Port Management shows that Http Provisioning is 83 and RESTful Phone Apps is 84. EPM doesn’t support this phone model. It looks like it only supports the D series by Digium.

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