HTML5 Converter not detected

I received notice that my system did not have HTML5 converters installed and linked me to a page showing my options.

I chose and installed Lame, however the system did not automatically detect (at least I think) that lame was installed and still records in wav.

How can I manually force the system to see lame in installed and record in mp3?

I think you might also need ffmpeg and to change the recording format for your system, that can be done under advanced settings, however, I don’t know if mp3 will even be an option.

I did install FFMPEG as well, but the recordings are still being recorded as WAV.

Freepbx doesn’t natively support recordings in mp3. You would have to track down scripts and macros that convert the files for you after the recording completes. It support music on hold in mp3 format however. The purpose of the html5 capability, if I understand it, is to allow inline audio playback and recording in the format requested by various browsers.

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100% on the mark there!

So in theory my browser should be able to playback recordings or voicemail in the browser if ffmpeg and lame are installed, correct? I currently am not able to play them back although they are installed. To be clear the information I am looking for is to understand what, beyond installing ffmpeg and lame, I need to do for the system to automatically detect the install and allow playback from most browsers.

The bulletin I saw had this excerpt…

"So what do I have to do?
There are different options for different types of files. After looking at the table above you need to decide what you want to support. After the libraries have been installed FreePBX will automatically detect them and use them to create files."

Thanks for your input.

From what I have seen on my system, when using Chrome, when I click to play a voicemail, sox is called to convert the wav file into the format chrome wants it in I suppose. I’m not sure where ffmpeg would come in except for when uploading various audio files for system recordings or voicemail greetings via UCP and they need to be converted perhaps. I assume lame would be used to decode MP3 files uploaded as various recordings that need to be in a more asterisk friendly format such as wav. So, to answer your question, the package you probably actually need to make sure you have at this point is sox, but I don’t know if that will satisfy the html5 issue.