Howto integrate the time-group/calendar-group into the inbound routes

Hello All,
I think I currently do not understand the concept of time-groups/calendar-groups on incoming calls. How do I have to setup the inbound route to obey the calendar.
Currently I have setup an inbound route to go to a Ring group. Would I need to change it to Time Condition?
Would I define the Ring group I had configured before into the Time-Group then? Within the Time Group will I be able to select a mixture of Time conditions and calendar conditions?
We would like to have a calendar with the holidays and a time condition for everydays working hours. Will I need to put these into all the inbound routes???

I would really appreciate if someone could explain the concept a bit…

Thanks in advance

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OK, I am trying to get this sorted out:

  1. I’ve selected a “Time condition” as target for the incoming route.
  2. The time condition is based on a calendar group which holds the non-open hours, weekends and holidays. On destination matches, it routes to the standard ring group. On “non-matches” it routes to a different ring group which rings a few times then goes to an “out of office voicemail”

This is working. I would now like to be able to add a third condition on special holidays, which should route to a “special holiday voicemail”. How would I do this?
My idea would be to route the calls that do not match the first calendar-group to a second time-condition with routing based on the “special-holidays calendar”.
But this setup seems to get very complex if I need to set it up for multiple incoming-routes. Are ther better ways to do this?

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